Why Betting Player Props is Popular

Betting player props have become a favorite of a lot of sports bettors.

Key Points

– Betting player prop bets has become increasingly popular.

– There are good reasons why bettors should consider betting player props.

Betting Player Props

Sports betting as a whole has become extremely popular across the U.S. with recent changes in legislation. That will likely continue as more states legalize sports gambling.

One of the areas that is very popular among bettors now is betting on player props. There are more and more choices available now for bettors. Among those choices are a wide variety of player props in all of the major sports.

Why has betting player props become so popular? It is all tied into the rapid evolution of online betting.

History of Props

It was Super Bowl XX when oddsmakers set odds on whether or not a rather large defensive tackle named William “Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown or not. 

Perry, of course, had scored a number of times that season as a short-yardage running back. The bet was so popular that oddsmakers began to offer other wagers like this one for the Super Bowl. (Perry did score a rushing touchdown in Super Bowl XX.)

Eventually, these proposition bets made their way into other sports as well. Now, you can find all sorts of props, including player props, for most every game on the betting board. 

Why Consider Betting Player Props

There is a level of excitement and fun added to a game when you place a player prop bet. Watching a game in which you have bet on a player to score a certain number of points for example, adds another layer of intensity to a game. 

Beyond the fun though, player props can offer great value to bettors. Whether you bet on a side, betting against the spread, or even on a game total; you might find a great value player prop that will be an easy win.

Say you have an NBA game – Boston vs. Miami. It’s essentially a toss up with the Heat favored by a point. You don’t like either side, but you find a player’s assist total prop. The player averages almost four assists per game and this prop is Over-Under 2.5. 

Player prop bets allow you to find value in a game where you might not find any elsewhere. For this reason alone they need to be included in your betting budget.

Use fantasy research for props

Betting player props is also great for fantasy players. When you are tuned into how certain players perform, it makes it much easier to find and capitalize on player prop bets. 

If you have a fantasy baseball team for example, you will have a greater understanding of how often a player gets a hit or how many strikeouts a pitcher might have against a certain opponent. These are betting situations that fantasy players can take advantage of. 

Player Prop Betting Strategy

Betting player props comes down one thing essentially – matchups. Betting on a pitcher to get a certain number of strikeouts, for example, comes down to the batting lineup he’ll be facing.

It’s the same when betting on an NBA player to go Over a point total. Who will be defending him? Is he playing against a good defensive team and/or one that plays at a slower pace?

These are factors to consider when betting player props. They should become part of your betting money management strategies.

You can also pair player props with other bets. For example, you might like an NBA game total to go Over. Betting on one of the team’s stars to go Over his scoring prop would make sense as well.