Real Bookies – Robust platform that’s used by hundreds of bookies

Real Bookies continue to be a major player in the Pay Per Head business providing first-rate bookie software for sportsbook, casinos and racebooks. Using state-of-the-art software, they offer the client an infinite number of wagering options and player profiling capabilities, with their main goal being to simplify player management and increase your profitability.

Real Bookies is known for their easy to use interface, for both the agent and the bettor. You will get a fully customizable website, where you can add your own personal touch, as well as automatic grading, automatic wagering assistant and a bevy of reports to track the numbers.

The racebook gives access to more than 75 tracks, complete with a database that includes entries, scratches, results, payouts and much more. With more than a hundred games featured in the live dealer and virtual casinos, your business will thrive while letting your clients explore a betting world like they never imagined.

Try it all out with a free trial, getting instant account setup from their highly trained customer service team. You get all this for one low weekly fee, paying only for active players. The cherry on the top? Everything is available wherever you go through their mobile interface.