Compare Betting Lines to Win More Bets

It’s time to look at ways to compare betting lines. At Christmas time, plenty of shoppers stay away from the retail chaos and venture online to shop. It’s convenient and you can almost instantly compare prices. 

You know where else you can do that? The online sports betting market.

Bettors have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of sportsbooks. Just like when you set out to buy a blender or the latest in fashion, you can search for the best betting lines which will ultimately have a favorable impact on your bank roll.


Why It’s Important to Find the Best Lines

While finding a half-point in your favor might not seem like a big deal, it’s just like finding the new Ninja blender for $5 less. Are you really going to pay $5 more when you don’t have to?

Imagine the Celtics playing the Sixers in a regular season NBA game. The line at Sportsbook A reads:

Sixers +6.0 (-110)

Celtics -6.0 (-110)

But at Sportsbook B the line looks like this:

Sixers +5.5 (-110)

Celtics -5.5 (-110)

When Boston wins by six, instead of a Push you have yourself a win because you took the time to find a better price.

If you have done your line shopping at multiple sportsbooks, you will find that smaller sportsbooks tend to have a bias toward a side. A great example is America’s Bookie, which tends to feature heavy New England Patriots betting during the NFL season. 

Knowing this, bettors can often take advantage of an inflated line on the Patriots and bet against them. Instances like these are why bettors should take the time to find the best betting lines.

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Benefits of Comparing Betting Lines

The benefits of when you compare betting lines are really twofold. Both benefits really impact the thing that bettors crave – their winnings.

First, shopping for the best lines for a given game can increase the size of your payouts. When you shop various sportsbooks including smaller books like 1Vice and HRWager, you will find opportunities for higher payouts. 

Even if you lose a few bets, the bets that you do win offer a higher payout to offset your losses and still leave you in the black. 

The other benefit to finding the best betting lines is simply winning. You will win more bets by finding a half-point here and maybe even a full point there. If you don’t know where to start looking for a sportsbooks to compare lines, check out our list of top sports betting sites.

Consider the NFL. There are key numbers in NFL betting such as 3 and 7. More often than not, NFL games end with a point margin of 3 or 7. Knowing this, smarter bettors will shop for that extra half-point on a -7 or -3 favorite. In the end, comparing betting lines can increase the number of bets you win.

Increasing the number of bets you win and the size of the payouts on those bets leads to the one thing that bettors love – a much larger bankroll. Of course, that’s the big reason why sports bettors place wagers. They want to win money and comparing betting lines is the best way to do so.