March Madness 2021

The 2020-21 college basketball season is nearing its end and that can only mean one thing – March Madness 2021! The annual NCAA men’s college basketball tournament is just around the corner. The coronavirus led to the cancellation of last year’s tournament. The NCAA has worked diligently to make sure that does not happen again

Why A Betting Budget Is A Must

A betting budget is a must in sports betting. If you’re not betting on a budget, you should start immediately. Sports betting can make the most conscientious bettors spend more than they have in their bank account. Betting on sports is very fun. It locks you into a game and makes you truly invested.  However,

Compare Betting Lines to Win More Bets

It’s time to look at ways to compare betting lines. At Christmas time, plenty of shoppers stay away from the retail chaos and venture online to shop. It’s convenient and you can almost instantly compare prices.  You know where else you can do that? The online sports betting market. Bettors have the luxury of choosing

Buying Premium Picks from Action Sports Picks

Looking to up your sports betting game? There are a number of ways you can start improving your winning percentage, but there is none easier than buying premium picks from Action Sports Picks. But you wouldn’t stoop to buying winning picks, you say. Why not? It is the fastest, most efficient way to give your

Gambling, The Sports Lovers Hobby

Sports Wagering is fun hobby and it can be a great way to earn some big money! Its football time! Every off season is the same. Long, boring and slow. This is the time of year that gamblers love and live for. The NFL and NCAA are in full swing. The best time of the

NFL Best Sportsbook Essentials

Watching training camps with our heroes returning to the gridiron elevates the decision making in NFL Best Sportsbook essentials to the forefront.  Great to see you back again here at United Sports Wager.  The landscape of the league is solidifying right before our eyes.  Ryan Fitzpatrick signed back with the Jets.  Big Ben says he

Teaser Bets

Teaser Bets add Flexibility and Better Odds By Eduardo Solano Teaser bets are modified parlay bets offered in football and basketball betting. With this bet type, you can bet on point spreads and/or game point totals and move the lines up and down. Adjusting the spreads or totals will give you more of a margin

How to Bet Golf

By Eduardo Solano Golf has evolved into a popular sport to bet on because it is easy to understand and any fan is able to find a way to use their love of the game to make a smart betting decision. Golf tournaments take place almost every week, giving golf bettors exciting opportunities to wager.

Money Management Betting Strategies

Even if you are an experienced bettor, you need to be well-versed in money management betting strategies or your bankroll is going to suffer. It is no different than most good things in life. If you want to find success, you have to have a plan. Here, we examine some easy money management strategies and

Choosing the Best NFL Sportsbook for this Season

The 2020 NFL regular season is getting nearer and sports bettors should be in preparation mode. One of the steps in preparation for the new season should be choosing the best NFL sportsbook. How does one choose the right sportsbook for this season when there are so many out there? It’s really no different than