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Money Management Strategies for Online Sportsbooks

Anyone who is serious about betting on sports on a regular basis will attest to the fact that having a solid money management system in place is paramount to generating a positive return on investment. There are some basic strategies that even the casual sports bettor should employ to make the most out of your betting action at any online sports betting site.

The first step in the money management process is to set and fund your sports betting bankroll. You should never gamble on anything with money that you cannot afford to lose. This bankroll should always be separate from any other funds and it should be finite in nature no matter how much money you have. When it is gone it is gone until you can turn to some other source of disposable funds that will not have any impact on your lifestyle or any ongoing financial obligations.

A huge part of any workable money management system for sports betting is discipline. One of the best ways to place any sports bet is with a set unit system. Whether you bet $10 a game or a $1000 your unit measurement should be directly related to your overall confidence level in your predicted outcome. If it happens to be a game that you absolutely love then you might want to bump up the total number of units bet. If your confidence level is mixed, then you should probably pass on that game altogether.

Diversity is another good way to manage your sports betting bankroll. The great thing about today’s online sportsbooks is the wide array of betting options they bring to the table. If you happen to get mired in a losing streak on your straight-up bets on the sides or totals of the past few Sundays of NFL games, maybe you want to change gears and try your luck picking some prop bets that have been released in conjunction with next week’s games. Diversity in your betting habits can also add even more excitement to the action on the field.

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The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to adding some different betting action to the mix is to still keep the same sport’s betting budget each week. You should also continue to use your confidence level as a gauge and stick to set unit plays no matter what kind of bets you decide to place.

Streaks, both hot and cold are a big part of sports betting. No matter how much money you win or how much money you lose should have zero impact on your money management system. You have to avoid the temptation to get greedy when things are going good and you should never chase losses with additional bets above and beyond that week’s betting budget. The overall goal of any sports bettor is to generate a positive return on investment over an extended period of time. Irrational betting one way or the other is the quickest way to send things spiraling downward in the opposite direction.

It is called a money management system for a reason. By continually sticking to the plan with zero tolerance for steering the ship off course, you will add a certain level of professionalism to your overall sports betting strategy. The top handicappers in the nation do not go off the rails if they get hot or cold, so you should always take a cue from their approach to betting on sports.

Besides making money, one of your top goals in sports betting is to have fun. Taking a highly formal approach when it comes to placing your weekly bets at your favorite online sportsbook will actually work to enhance that fun as well as boost your overall winning percentage.